Default Username/Password

Owen Townend owen.townend at
Tue Oct 21 01:33:01 UTC 2008

2008/10/21 steve <sfreilly at>:
> no explanation as to why you werent asked for a username or password,
> maybe you forgot? but heres how to correct it.
> boot to the grub screen, watch closely, you will have to press escape
> key to get there.  choose recovery kernel.  in the menu, choose drop to
> root shell.  use the command useradd followed by the username you want
> to add.  then the command passwd followed by the username you just
> created to create the password.  reboot, and login.

Especially as you (OP) sound new to Ubuntu, use `adduser` instead of
`useradd` and it will prompt you for a password and other details in a
much more friendly way.

As the man page states:
"useradd is a low level utility for adding users. On Debian,
administrators should usually use adduser(8) instead."


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