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Mallikarjuna Rao wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have installed ubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-i386.iso in my windows machine, I
> have vista already installed. I'm able install linux in windows. During
> installation no where i was asked for creating username and password.
> But when i tried booting my machine with ubuntu-linux its asking for
> username and password. I'm not able to understand what went wrong.
> Please help me out on how to resolve this issue (without reinstalling
> linux).
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> Thanks & Regards,
> Mallik

no explanation as to why you werent asked for a username or password,
maybe you forgot? but heres how to correct it.

boot to the grub screen, watch closely, you will have to press escape
key to get there.  choose recovery kernel.  in the menu, choose drop to
root shell.  use the command useradd followed by the username you want
to add.  then the command passwd followed by the username you just
created to create the password.  reboot, and login.

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