Still trying to get to 1680x1050 WAS: Upgrade to 8.04 stuck in 800x600

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Oct 20 17:19:22 UTC 2008

Frank McCormick wrote:

>    Back at it today....I have managed to get the LCD's native resolution
> 1680x1050 available...but the task bar slips below the bottom and I have
> to mouse down to force it back up. Simply put the screen at 1680x1050 is
> too big for the monitor. How do I get around this ???

Then either, your screen isn't 1680x1050, or X hasn't actually selected
1680x1050.  You really can't _be_ at 1680x1050 and yet not have all 1050
pixels available.

# grep 1680 /var/log/Xorg.0.log | egrep "^\("

For mine, using a width of 1280 (and dual screens), I see these lines amongs

(II) I810(0): Modeline "1280x800"x0.0   71.00  1280 1328 1360 1440  800 803
809 823 -hsync -vsync (49.3 kHz)
(--) I810(0): Virtual size is 1280x800 (pitch 2048)
(**) I810(0): *Built-in mode "1280x800"
(II) I810(1): Not using mode "1280x960 at 60" (no mode of this name)
(--) I810(1): Virtual size is 1280x1024 (pitch 1280)
(**) I810(1): *Built-in mode "1280x1024 at 60"
(II) I810(1): Attempting to use 60.02Hz refresh for mode "1280x1024 at 60"

So that says that we're using the two "built-in" modes, and that the virtual
size matches them - and we're NOT using 1280x960.  I think you'll find that
your virtual size is actually 1680x1260 (ie, 4:3) if your width really is

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