K3b & burning live CD

Allen Meyers chef11994 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 19 12:35:45 UTC 2008

I need some help here & please put aside for a moment any
generalities and be detailed and specific. Treat me like a dumb blond
(no offense intended against blonds) 
The correct gparted I intend
to burn is downloaded on desk top and no matter what I do on this
Kreator screen that comes up the arrow bottom screen next to cancel
remains grayed (inaccessible)
What might help in determining my
specific problem is that area left of the speed slot continues to say
please insert an empty CD
Like my drive is not being recognized
I am running ubuntu 8.04 with a kubuntu desktop to apprise you of mypackage installations


Allen Meyers  chef11994 at sbcglobal.net
wortham_tx at yahoo.com
texas.chef at gmail.com     

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