Restore latest kernel

Thorny thorntreehome at
Sat Oct 18 12:08:55 UTC 2008

Karl, I've been lurking in this list for a while and I want to offer a bit
of advice. It's probably a good idea to step back from things and make
sure ones ego doesn't interfere with their judgement. When a number of
people who are helpful posters (not trolls or ego-feeders) mention
something about your behaviour, it is in your best interest, and in the
list's best interest, for you to give it every consideration. There is no
prize for the largest number of posts, often there is no thank you from
someone who has been helped, so a large part of the satisfaction one gets
from trying to help can be from the respect of ones peers, being part of
the community. You're an older guy, aren't you? Hasn't it been your
experience that listening to others can be instructive and interesting?

About your advice. I don't want to insult you but, over time, I too
noticed what other posters are saying. It's great that you want to share
your experience, but anecdotal experience isn't always the best *general*
advice. The *reinstall* is a concept that many bring from a Windows
background but which is less appropriate for a GNU/Limux user who wants to
delve into their chosen OS and become more expert with it. Easiest is not
always best. One of the beauties of GNU/Linux is that parts can be broken
but we have the tools to fix things and also the ability to find out how
things work because Linux distros don't try to hide things from us. Open
source is about freedom to choose. You can choose to reinstall, but please
let others try to help someone do it another way, the Linux way. Welcome,
the differences, post quickly and firmly if you see someone giving bad
advice in order save a newbie from following bad advice but when you have
an opinion, wait to see what others say, peer review is one of the
strengths of a community like this one, it can help one to learn. If I am
correct about your age, you would want people to benefit from your life
experience, wouldn't you? There are people answering here who have
probably been working with open source longer than you and clearly know
more. It could turn out to be a great opportunity for you or not, it's in
your control. If you continue as you have been, I expect the rebuttal
comments to become increasingly sarcastic and personal and you won't be
taken seriously. That would be a shame. Some of the people helping spend a
lot of their time doing that and thus they don't have time to explain
completely where their frustration with you is coming from. However, if
you step back and consider things you will probably see how frustrating it
could be to try and help someone when someone else is making incorrect
statements. And, when several people are telling you that you are
incorrect, it's wise to support your argument if you believe otherwise.
In this case, how was it kernel corruption and what was the entry vector
for that corruption? Then you could argue back and forth according to your
level of knowledge until you, or the other, learned or until the issue was
shown to be a matter of opinion.


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