Xorg problems

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Sat Oct 18 00:04:08 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
>         Two times now, after the monitor has been turned off an hour or 
> two, when it comes back up I have a dark screen with a good cursor that 
> moves as directed by the trackball. I have learned the fix is to use 
> Ctrl-Alt-F1 to drop out of X windows and then Ctrl-Alt-F7 to return to X 
> wildows. Below are the last few entries in Xorg-log and dmesg. They do 
> not show me much.

Are you turning off the power button on your monitor?  I'm wondering if
the display driver is having difficulty if it tries to put monitor in
power save mode and back up again while the monitor is turned off and
not responding.  If you want to control your monitor  on/off, go into
Power Management window, and change the Display sleep time to never.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to change this for the gdm login screen.

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