Can grub be installed on a md array?

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Oct 17 00:43:11 UTC 2008

Rashkae wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> You certainly are.  /boot can be read only (and on a "production or
>> critical system" probably should be), and it gets almost no disk accesses
>> compared to any other part of the system, so it's pretty pointless to
>> mirror it imo.
>> Added to that, if anything _did_ kill /boot, you can boot from a live CD.
> Now I would have to disagree.
> One of the advantages of a RAID installation is, if a disk fails, the
> computer keeps working until you get it replaced.  For that two work, yo
> need a redundant copy of /boot.

But it's /boot!  _between_ boots, it never gets accessed at all, unless
you're changing the grub menu, or installing a new kernel, and if you're
talking about the kind of system that needs raid, it doesn't boot very
often at all.

If your /boot is on a separate partitition, you can swap it for a live CD or
a USB stick...

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