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Derek Broughton news at
Fri Oct 17 00:57:11 UTC 2008

Mike Adolf wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:

>> Have you actually tried using the new kernel with the original driver? 
>> It may seem like a stupid question, but I can't believe the number of
>> people who load a new kernel and compile drivers because they saw
>> something on the always trustworthy Internet that told them to do it,
>> without ever checking whether the existing drivers did the job.
> Yes, I tried tvtime which was working with an older tv wonder analog
> only card. I don't get any errors just a black screen. All the controls
> function but don't change anything.

I should admit I don't have a single clue about TV tuners :-)

I'm not _entirely_ sure what you're saying but if I understand correctly,
you're saying you believe the kernel driver doesn't work, because tvtime
_did_ work with a different card.  That doesn't necessarily mean that you
need to jump into compiling kernel drivers, it could just mean the correct
driver isn't getting loaded correctly.

> dmesg gives:

Before or after you compiled your own driver?  What driver did you compile?

> [ 62.125469] cx88[0]: TV tuner type -1, Radio tuner type -1
> [ 62.470270] cx88[0]: TV tuner type -1, Radio tuner type -1
> [ 62.678501] tuner: disagrees about version of symbol tea5767_attach
> [ 62.678504] tuner: Unknown symbol tea5767_attach
> [ 62.678592] tuner: Unknown symbol tda8290_probe
> [ 62.678629] tuner: Unknown symbol tda8290_attach
> [ 62.678796] tuner: disagrees about version of symbol simple_tuner_attach
> [ 62.678798] tuner: Unknown symbol simple_tuner_attach
> [ 62.678824] tuner: disagrees about version of symbol microtune_attach
> [ 62.678826] tuner: Unknown symbol microtune_attach
> [ 62.678931] tuner: disagrees about version of symbol tea5761_attach
> [ 62.678933] tuner: Unknown symbol tea5761_attach
> which doesn't tell me much. If Ubuntu thinks the chip is cx88, it's not.
> The chipset is cx23883-39. Maybe cx88 is a family? Anyway, I'll google
> around and see if I can find some info other than that on mythtv.

Well, a quick google for cx88.ko gives me this link: 

"HDTV capture driver for cx2388x
Sep 30, 2007 ... Here's a not-so-brief overview of the contents in case
you're interested: common / Sources for cx88.ko, wich implements channel
configuration ... -

So, BSD at least things that the cx88 driver is correct for cx2388x devices.

In any case, if the driver you compiled was called something else, and this
dmesg output is after your install, we can see that your driver wasn't

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