How to Empty Trash if files in there are owned by Root?

Kipton Moravec kip at
Thu Oct 16 21:44:57 UTC 2008

I was running out of disk space and discovered I had a bunch of files in

So I tried to empty trash and found there were a number of files in
there that were owned by root, because of a screw-up I did when I
installed a program a while back.

There are other files that are owned by me that will not delete because
they have the wrong permissions, but it will not let me change the

>From the GUI I do not know how to remove them. 

I did a search on the name to see if I could find the path to the Trash
directory and these files did not show up. 

What do I do?

Kipton Moravec AE5IB
"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
--Mark Twain

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