[Media] 8.04 Servers - Wikipedia

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Thu Oct 16 13:12:44 UTC 2008

Michael Hutchinson wrote:
> I think that a lot of people have misinterpreted Res. He is obviously a
> bit old-school in some respect (hence the preference for Unix-like
> environments) - And can truly appreciate what an Operating system that
> doesn't continually update itself is like to use (Extremely reliable). A
> lot of you younger crowd simply wont get this because you've only ever
> had access to, or, installed a Linux O/S that sucks down packages all
> the time.
> Understandably Res tried to make a point on deaf ears. 

I think part of it was that Res was making his "point" in a 

I doubt anyone's going to argue your point about certain distro's being 
"better" for servers or making admins more comfortable for use on server 
environments. You also didn't come out stomping with army boots telling 
everyone that if they ran Ubuntu or anything other than slack/solaris on 
their productions systems they'd be fired so hard the boot would be 
surgically removed from their defective brain pans if you had a say in it.

What Wikipedia uses for servers really isn't our choice...it's nice 
exposure for Linux, and whether Canonical hacks the hell out of the 
kernel or not isn't the point. They're getting support from the head 
honchos so that if something goes wonk they get engineers out to repair 
it, ASAP. If an upgrade goes wonk, they have redundancies for 
restoration to a stable level again. Linux is Linux and if you know what 
you're doing Ubuntu can be customize to what you want it to do...just 
depends on the defaults and effort you put forth in altering it.


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