Does anyone know when Openoffice 3 will be available in Ubuntu Repositories?

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Thu Oct 16 01:17:31 UTC 2008

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
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>     NoOp wrote:
>     > On 10/02/2008 02:00 PM, John Toliver wrote:
>     >> I wasn't sure about whether I should download the .deb files or
>     >> whether it would become available on the most recently reported
>     >> release date of 10/7/08.
>     >> 
>     >> Thanks,
>     >> 
>     >> 
>     > 
>     > OOoRC4 is due out
>      middle of Oct. With any luck that will become
>     > OOo3.0. When you will see those in Ubuntu repositories is unknown
>     > as Ubuntu uses the Novell/ximian/go-ooo builds instead of the
>     > builds. But I wouldn't guess that you will see
>     > OOo(U)3.0 in Hardy as it's an LTS. You probably will only see it in
>     > Intrepid - but hopefully I'm wrong.
>     > 
>     > If you'd like to give OOoRC3 a spin the debs are available here:
>     > 
>     >
>     > 
>     > You can install that side-by-side to your Ubuntu OOo without either
>     >  affecting the other. The OOo3RC3 will install into your /opt
>     > directory and the program files will be located in
>     > /opt/openoffice.org3/program. OOoRC3 will create a separate
>     > ~/ folder so it does not interfere with your
>     > existing ~/.openoffice.org2/user folder.
>     > 
>     > I recommend that
>      you join the OOo users list (via gmane nntp is 
>     > recommended as sometimes it's a very high volume list):
>     > 
>     >
>     I'm going to plead homersimpsondoofus the hell do I install
>     OO v3? I downloaded the archive and uncompressed it. I took a stab at
>     it from there with Gdebi but don't appear to be getting anywhere.
>     I even tried running the update as a shell but that just tells me that
>     it's skipping all the deselected packages. How did you get it
>     installed? Minds wishing to move beyond caveman grunting wish to know! :-)
>     You don't give any error information so even an expert would have difficulty
>     suggesting a fix.
>     However, are you trying to install an i386 version on a 64 bit OS.

No, it's the 64 bit version on AMD64.

>     If so, you need to use a --force-all --force-architecture <pkg name>
>     following sudo dpkg -i.  You may need to do some additional things after
>     the install which I don't
>      know about; not an expert. I just came across
>     thse options while installing a Brother printer. Besides making a good
>     printer, they have excellent Linux and Ubuntu support.
>     Someone else will have to tell you if you need to do more after installing
>     OO.o but the above should allow you to install it.  Good luck.

I was specifically interested in what NooP did to install on his box.

But if I poke around the Ubuntu forums long enough I'm sure I'll 
figure it out.
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