Does anyone know when Openoffice 3 will be available in Ubuntu Repositories?

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Thu Oct 16 00:16:51 UTC 2008

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NoOp wrote:
> On 10/02/2008 02:00 PM, John Toliver wrote:
>> I wasn't sure about whether I should download the .deb files or
>> whether it would become available on the most recently reported
>> release date of 10/7/08.
>> Thanks,
> OOoRC4 is due out middle of Oct. With any luck that will become
> OOo3.0. When you will see those in Ubuntu repositories is unknown
> as Ubuntu uses the Novell/ximian/go-ooo builds instead of the
> builds. But I wouldn't guess that you will see
> OOo(U)3.0 in Hardy as it's an LTS. You probably will only see it in
> Intrepid - but hopefully I'm wrong.
> If you'd like to give OOoRC3 a spin the debs are available here:
> You can install that side-by-side to your Ubuntu OOo without either
>  affecting the other. The OOo3RC3 will install into your /opt
> directory and the program files will be located in
> /opt/openoffice.org3/program. OOoRC3 will create a separate
> ~/ folder so it does not interfere with your
> existing ~/.openoffice.org2/user folder.
> I recommend that you join the OOo users list (via gmane nntp is 
> recommended as sometimes it's a very high volume list):

I'm going to plead homersimpsondoofus the hell do I install
OO v3? I downloaded the archive and uncompressed it. I took a stab at
it from there with Gdebi but don't appear to be getting anywhere.
I even tried running the update as a shell but that just tells me that
it's skipping all the deselected packages. How did you get it
installed? Minds wishing to move beyond caveman grunting wish to know! :-)

You don't give any error information so even an expert would have difficulty
suggesting a fix.
However, are you trying to install an i386 version on a 64 bit OS.
If so, you need to use a --force-all --force-architecture <pkg name>
following sudo dpkg -i.  You may need to do some additional things after
the install which I don't know about; not an expert. I just came across
thse options while installing a Brother printer. Besides making a good
printer, they have excellent Linux and Ubuntu support.
Someone else will have to tell you if you need to do more after installing
OO.o but the above should allow you to install it.  Good luck.

Leonard Chatagnier

lenc5570 at

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