Lost Wireless with new 26.21 Kernel

lanzen lanzenesi at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 14:07:44 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:

> Douglas Murray wrote:
>> Hi All
>> Can anyone help me with this problem?  I run Ubuntu 8.04 with Kernel 26.19
>> and all runs fine(on eee 900) , until...  The system let me know that their
>> were upgrades waiting.  I initiated the update which created a new kernel
>> 26.21 which disabled (and I can't see where) the wrreless interface ath0.
>> I verified the following:
>>    - Enabled in BIOS -- Yes
>>    - Hardware settings -- System sees both eth0 and ath0
>>    - NetworkManager sees both interfaces -- No, just eth0
>>    - Wireless indicator LED on -- Yes
>> Any suggestions? My short term workaround was to use the previous kernel
>> (via GRUB) but I would like to fix this.
>> Thank you in advance,
>> Doug!
>     You answered your own question. The old kernel has the wireless 
> driver and the new kernel does not. You will need to fix this. I have no 
> idea how to do this.

I think that is a possible reason.

If you're running a standard ubuntu hardy have a look at this:

I'm using the Array kernel and all works fine with 2.6.24-21-eeepc.

Also, if you want to step ahead, standard Intrepid works fine.

I just had to blacklist ath_pci to see ath5 connect.


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