What is the best option to open .docx, pptx files in Ubuntu LTS 8.04 ?

Linda haniganwork at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 13 19:39:51 UTC 2008

Ashish Vijaywargiya wrote:
> Please help me in this matter because I need any converter or
> supporting open-source software that help me on this matter.
> May be this question has been asked so many times on the Ubuntu
> mailing list but I don't know how to search the old email that
> has been answered.
> Please let me know if any search engine or place exists where I can
> search old emails.
> --
> Ashish Vijaywargiya
> Indore (M.P), India
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indore
I have no problem opening docx files with Open Office 2.4.1 that is with 
8.04 LTS.  The only problem is that the page size does not seem to be 
quite the same so you get occasional extra carriage returns.

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