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Bas Roufs basroufs at
Sun Oct 12 14:22:53 UTC 2008

Xurxo Fernandez wrote:
> Yesterday I noticed that the language pack installed in firefox doesn't
> work anymore (firefox 3.0.3). In add-ons it says the language pack is
> not compatible (japanese language pack). I read somewhere people
> complaining about french pack too.
I try to help you from the point of view of my experience with Kubuntu, 
the Ubuntu variant with KDE. So, in some cases you may need to look for 
equivalents with slightly different names. But the essentials are the same.

You could try the following:
* go to 'System Settings'
* look for a menu 'Regional and language' (or a similar name)
* go to the tab 'locale'
* hit at a button like 'install new language'
* you will see a whole long list of language kits for Japanese, French 
or whatever: spell checkers, help software, etc.
* select 1 or more language kits you need and install them.
* after the installation, hit the button 'apply'.
* than, hit another button: 'add language' - you will see the names of 
languages of all previously and newly installed language kits;
* in this way, the language(s) you want to work with, will be available 
in all software, throughout the system;
* than go to FILE>Exit or Quit.
* restart your computer;
* after restarting the computer, you will find back also spell checkers 
of one or more newly installed languages in Firefox and all other software.

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