ubuntu hangs up

Sias Mey sias at cpdata.co.za
Sun Oct 12 12:11:22 UTC 2008

> Sias Mey wrote:
> > On Sun, Oct 05, 2008 at 02:59:24PM -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
> >> elmo wrote:
> >>> Felipe DOMINGUEZ wrote:
> >>>> I have experience a couple of hangs up on ubuntu 8.04 in the last two days.
> >>>> It just stop working. Not able to use the mouse, nothing. I had to shutdown
> >>>> the computer in both cases.
> >>> Welcome to the club.   I've been having the same problem and in spite of 
> >>> all the "remedies" offered here, the problem is still there. 
> >>> I don't have any problem with 7.10 but 8.04 goes into total lockup, 
> >>> sometimes very soon after booting and sometimes it works perfectly for a 
> >>> long period before lockup and like you, the only exit from lockup is to 
> >>> do a shutdown.
> > Hi guys ... I have had a long standing problem with 8.04 and my new
> > laptop.
> > I was able to narrow it down to Wireless network usage.
> Bingo!  I used to commute every day by train, working on my linux laptop 
> as I traveled.  What I soon discovered was that when wireless connects 
> in an area with a weak and intermittent signal, and then it looses the 
> connection, that as the connection is lost, it would hang the laptop, 
> including the looping sound and power-off reboot.  Only thing is, that 
> laptop was running Mandriva. This would have been about 2005-2006 
> time-frame. I used to have to flip the switch that shuts off the 
> wireless to get anything done.  Then, after a new release, the problem 
> completely disappeared, Mandriva fixed it. Now that I'm running ubuntu 
> on a new laptop (Mandriva didn't like the hardware), the problem is 
> BACK! Mandriva was able to completely fix it with a new release, 
> something different in the wireless stack.  I wish ubuntu would do the same!
> Art

Sound similar, although mine hangs whether I disconnect or not...
Usually about 5 minutes or so after conecting. I have tried this with
numerous AP's and still the same problem. 

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