Banshee 1.2: Transcode ogg for iPod?

Brian Troutwine goofyheadedpunk at
Fri Oct 10 05:16:06 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I've recently updated to Ubuntu 8.10 and cannot transcode my ogg
vorbis or flac media to mp3 for use on my iPod. I use banshee 1.2.1.
When I right-click the iPod icon after the device is auto-mounted I
find that the "Encode to" option presented is greyed out. After
searching the documention I find no mention of this being a
possibility; it should, rather, Just Work.

Anyway, I assume this is a silly error on my part. Are there any
supplemental applications I need to install?  Any way of determining
_why_ the option is greyed out in the first place?


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