command line work

Chad M. Germann cgermann at
Thu Oct 9 17:01:15 UTC 2008

Excellent sources so far, let me toss out a fewe more

"Linux in a Nutshell"
Quight possably the deffinitive desk reference for commands. I have a well 
used copy of this book by every system I work at and will dare say that I 
have learned more about Unix (Linux) from it than anything else (that is 
except for just useing the system and geting my hands dirty.)

I also Recomend giving and a good grok

Lastly a bit of advice, don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, as long 
you avoid sudo anything and useing delete commands like rm -rf around 
files you whant to keep you cant hurt your system.  Just spend some time 
geting used to the teminal use programs like 'linx' to ski the internet 
and 'alpine' to read email and usenet yiu may just soon discover the 
elegance of the command line and begin to dread the point-and-drool 

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