Sound blues are back.

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at
Thu Oct 9 04:37:09 UTC 2008

Jim Smith wrote:
> Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
>> Jim Smith wrote:
>>> Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
>>>>> The Gnome fanfare plays when Gnome starts up but >there is 
>>>>> no other sound. At one >point before changing kernels, I 
>>>>> could
>>>>>> get sound by hovering the >pointer over a music file.
>>>> Do you w32codecs packages installed?
>>> I do but the only audio files I have on board here are Ogg 
>>> Vorbis. They should always work. I just did a "sudo apt-get 
>>> dist-upgrade" which put the latest kernel, modules etc on and 
>>> results are unfortunately the same, no sound except for the 
>>> drum rattle at the login screen and the fanfare when Gnome 
>>> starts up. I am too tired for further work here so I'm shutting
>>>  this laptop down and going to bed, see all tomorrow and many 
>>> thanks.
>>> Jim
>> I've reverted to OSS on Intrepid since none of the other options 
>> are working for me. I'm running the Beta 1 with patches (AMD64 
>> release). I was running Pulse audio until I made the upgrade from
>>  hardy to Intrepid Alpha 6.
> I suppose I could do that. ALSA always worked before on this 
> machine; Sony Laptop, Pentium M, 2Gb RAM, Intel graphics & sound. 
> Would you recommend using Synaptic to remove everything I can find 
> referencing Pulseaudio? I did the upgrade from Hardy when the Beta 
> was released.
> Thank You
> Jim

I'm leaving Pulse installed, and every time I see it gets updated I'll
try it again, hoping that it will come back to life. Which I expect
will happen before the production release debuts.
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