Sharing a hard disk on the network NFS of Samba?

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Thanks a lot for all the replies.  It was really use full.

Finally I did what i wanted with samba, since it seems easier to share the
disk with windows and I am a bit on a hurry to do a backup, but as soon as I
have time I will look in more detail to both of them.



On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 5:56 PM, Gilles Gravier <gilles at> wrote:

>  Felipe,
> Felipe DOMINGUEZ wrote:
> Hello.
> I would like to share a hard disk on the network, I have tried with samba,
> and follow the instruction on the ubuntu documentation. it works to share a
> local folder on the computer but it does not work to share the mounted hard
> disk.
> Then reading around I discover that it may be better to use NFS, and event
> that there is an NFS over TCP instead of UDP which is faster than samba and
> more reliable. Is it this true?
> can you recommend a nice NFS tutorial? again I have found many, is just
> that some of them date on 2002, and I know there are new versions NFS.
> When can I get good and updated documentation on NFS?
> thanks in advance.
> NFS will work. There are even clients for Windows... but SAMBA is simple as
> Windows will see it direct.
> Start by looking at */etc/samba/smb.conf*
> First, edit your "*workgroup = XXXXX*" line to reflect the home workgroup.
> You might want to check the "*unix password sync = yes*" line so that
> SAMBA users have the same passwords as your UNIX users... but not a
> requirement. You can have separate ones.
> Most importantly, at the end of a file, add a section looking like the
> following :
> *[name-of-your-share]
>   comment = Details explaining the share
>   read only = no
>   locking = no
>   path = /path/to/your/usb/mounted/device
>   guest ok = yes*
> Of course you want to ensure your USB disk always mounts in the same
> place... edit */etc/fstab* for that!
> Finally, keep in mind that most external USB disks power down to save
> energy. This means that accessing the disk may take long, from time to time
> if you have to wake it up... I've had that experience and didn't like it at
> all!
> Gilles.
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