Sharing a hard disk on the network NFS of Samba?

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Felipe DOMINGUEZ wrote:
> Hello.
> I would like to share a hard disk on the network, I have tried with
> samba, and follow the instruction on the ubuntu documentation. it
> works to share a local folder on the computer but it does not work to
> share the mounted hard disk.
> Then reading around I discover that it may be better to use NFS, and
> event that there is an NFS over TCP instead of UDP which is faster
> than samba and more reliable. Is it this true?
> can you recommend a nice NFS tutorial? again I have found many, is
> just that some of them date on 2002, and I know there are new versions
> NFS.
> When can I get good and updated documentation on NFS?
> thanks in advance.
NFS will work. There are even clients for Windows... but SAMBA is simple
as Windows will see it direct.

Start by looking at */etc/samba/smb.conf*

First, edit your "*workgroup = XXXXX*" line to reflect the home workgroup.

You might want to check the "*unix password sync = /yes/*" line so that
SAMBA users have the same passwords as your UNIX users... but not a
requirement. You can have separate ones.

Most importantly, at the end of a file, add a section looking like the
following :

  comment = /Details explaining the share/
  read only = no
  locking = no
  path = //path/to/your/usb/mounted/device/
  guest ok = yes*

Of course you want to ensure your USB disk always mounts in the same
place... edit */etc/fstab* for that!

Finally, keep in mind that most external USB disks power down to save
energy. This means that accessing the disk may take long, from time to
time if you have to wake it up... I've had that experience and didn't
like it at all!

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