Sound blues are back.

NoOp glgxg at
Tue Oct 7 18:40:43 UTC 2008

On 10/06/2008 08:32 PM, Jim Smith wrote:
> Today when I fired up this system, I had no sound at all. This is a Sony
> laptop running Intrepid. I know it should work as it works from the Live
> CD. I have no idea whatsoever about this Pulseaudio system, it seems
> overly confusing and not at all user friendly. This is the kernel I am
> running ( 2.6.24-21-386 )  and with it I can get the "fanfare" when
> gnome opens but nothing else. The newer kernel doesn't even give me
> that. I'm hoping that as Intrepid "matures" these problems might be
> addressed but if anyone has any ideas. I did add myself to the "pulse"
> group.
> Any ideas would be helpful.
> Jim

That kernel is for Hardy. Rather than running the -386, try the -generic
(2.6.24-21-generic). I ran into some problems with sound on the earlier
2.6.24-x-386 kernels, but had no problems in -generic.

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