MJang mike at mommabears.com
Tue Oct 7 00:47:32 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-10-07 at 00:34 +0000, Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
> >come on people, this is just plain >ridiculous the amount of people >that
> >ask how to unsubscribe?!!
> Just to put you in other's perspectives: English is not our mother's tongue language. Yes, word subscribe and unsubscribe is confusing, especially for users not accustomed with mail-based services.
> Did you know, first time I wrote a question to a mailing list many years ago, I have sweated my palms just for anticipating responses? Was it a good question or stupid question? Will it receive  sympathetic answer or harsh one? But most worries are came from "did I spell it right?"
> Now I hope that will give you a consideration before outbursts over subscribe and unsubscribe.

In addition, for those who subscribe to digests, the "Unsubscribe"
message is there once, all the way at the bottom of the grouped email of

It is when people Unsubscribe, for whatever reason, when we in the
Ubuntu community should be the most courteous.


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