rsync for backup och restore

Brian McKee brian.mckee at
Sun Oct 5 16:21:03 UTC 2008

On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 7:27 AM, Johnny Rosenberg <gurus.knugum at> wrote:
> Maybe some of you will say that "rsync is not the right tool for this". In
> that case, what should I use instead (preferably a non GUI suggestion from
> the repositories, please)?

Have you considered Unison ?
I don't have personal experience, but have seen it recommended widely.

As to your original issue - is it trying to overwrite a file with a
link or vice versa?  One of those files is a symbolic link which won't
have the same permissions as the file itself.  Perhaps running rsync
with the -H option might clear this up - but I'd confirm which file is
correct, and manually put it in place and re-run the sync.


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