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Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at
Sun Oct 5 11:27:37 UTC 2008

I made a few scripts for backup to an external HDD (USB, which in this case
doesn't matter anyway). In all of them rsync is included for the actual
copying of files. I use the options -auv (-a is the same as -rlptgoD). I
need the -u since I don't want newer files to be overwritten, since I have
another computer (an Eee PC with Ubuntu eee installed) that use the same
files (that was my reason for buying the Eee, that I could work with my
files elsewhere, and I need to always have access to the latest versions of
my files).

Since rsync is only "one way", it's not a file synchronisation tool, I
figured that if I use the -u option, copying the files to one destination
and then back again would give me the latest versions on both places, and it
seems to work.

When I try to "restore" my files, my script does the actual copying with the
command *rsync -auv /media/Backup/PB/guraknugen/Eget /home/guraknugen/*.
After a while I get the following error message:

*rsync: chgrp "/home/guraknugen/Eget/Datorer/Operativsystem/GNU
Linux/Dokumentation/Tangentbordslayout Ubuntu 20080217.ods" failed:
Operation not permitted (1)*

What could be causing this? Here are some informtion about that file:

*File type:* Link to an ODS document*
Ubuntu 20080217.ods*
Owner:* guraknugen*
Group:* guraknugen*
Permissions:* lrw-r--r--

I wonder why it's trying to change its group, since the group is already

Is there an obvious way to avoid this problem? Do I need to change the
rights of the file or something?

Maybe some of you will say that "rsync is not the right tool for this". In
that case, what should I use instead (preferably a non GUI suggestion from
the repositories, please)?

Or how can I get it to work with rsync?

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