Derek Broughton news at
Sat Oct 4 16:44:05 UTC 2008

Karl Auer wrote:

> In general, NetworkManager works pretty well for m. It swaps
> automagically from my wired network to my wireless network and back, I
> can select from the various networks available, and it handles WPA with
> great aplomb.
> BUT: I need to set up a domain search list. I have
> edited /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf accordingly, and it is completely
> ignored.

Er, not by Network Manager.  I append a search list in dhclient.conf, and
network manager neither cares nor knows about it - it just starts the DHCP
lookup, what dhclient then does with the information is of no consequence
to Network Manager.
> I tried selecting "manual configuration" and entering extra domains in
> the search list on the "DNS" tab, but NetworkManager just sets them back
> to what they were before.

Again, not only does Network Manager not do that, once you've
selected "manual configuration", afaik NM is no longer even managing that
> As far as I can tell, Network Manager uses whatever the DHCP server
> sends - and that's it. I don't want to alter what the DHCP server sends,
> I want to override it locally.

So, it's absolutely nothing to do with NM - just post your dhclient.conf.

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