accessing windows computer from ubuntu computer

David Curtis dcurtis at
Sat Oct 4 14:10:46 UTC 2008

Donald F. Parsons MB.BS wrote:
> Hello!
> I have two computers, one ubuntu and the other Windows XP. Both have 
> separate ethernet connections to a Verizon FIOS modem. I can fire up 
> both computers and then switch the video from one to the other using a 
> Belkin Omni KVM switch.
> When I have both computers running how can I transfer files from ubuntu 
> to Windows or Windows to ubuntu?
> Thanks
> Donald Parsons
> dfp10 at
On the Ubuntu side there should be 'shared folders' in 
Applications/System. Or at least in my Xubuntu there is, Ubuntu should 
not be that different. Open that up, click unlock, enter password, add 
the directory you wish to share, I recommend /home/<username>/Public to 
keep your .config files safe if you allow read/write privilages though 

If you do not have file sharing activated yet, a dialog asking you to 
choose between SMB (windows style networking) and NFS (*nix style 
networking) will pop-up. In this case (Ubuntu to Windows) choose SMB. It 
should install all the software you need.

On the windows side, I'm a little hazy, as I haven't touched networking 
on a windows box since XP first came out. You most likely have to open 
up net neighbourhood and let it search for the Ubuntu machine. Make sure 
workgroup is the same between machines. Worse comes to worse, you may 
need to force the windows machine to search using the Ubuntu machine's 
IP, something like 10.*.*.* or 192.168.*.*, as was mentioned previously 
'ifconfig' in a terminal can tell you.

Hope that gets you started, also google 'ubuntu samba' that might hit on 
a tutorial or two.


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