Software Repositories

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Oct 2 15:47:52 UTC 2008

Dustin Breese wrote:

> I agree, but in this case I'm looking for Eclipse 3.4.  (3.4 is the
> latest, and 3.2 was released in June 2006.  Lots of bug fixes and
> newer features.  Plus some of the plug-ins don't work correctly in
> 3.2.)  It's very easy to just grab the tar.gz and install it
> someplace, but I was hoping to use official repositories.

Most Java apps - and this one is no different - are hardly worthwhile
installing as package.  Just grab the tarball (and this is from someone who
hasn't compile a package in years, and firmly believes apt is even greater
than sliced bread).

> And, to me, "BackPort" indicates taking an older version of the
> software and porting to newer version of Ubuntu?  Or am I missing it
> here?

Completely :-)  That would be a forward port - usually just a "port". 
Backports take newer software and make it run on the older OS.

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