how NOT to have "landscape" related message when log in SSH

Cybe R. Wizard cybe_r_wizard at
Wed Nov 26 00:54:20 UTC 2008

"Soo-Hyun Choi" <s.choi at>  said:
> Thanks for pointing out the mailing etiquette. But that guide can be a
> general recommendation, but cannnot be the ultimate rule to all cases.
> Everyone here has a right/ability to decide whether to reply "in-line
> or "top-post" according to their decision criteria.
> If you have seen my earlier top-posted message, you will see the
> reasonable reason why I did that. If you don't, then that is your own
> discretion but not mine. But, it was still useful to remind us the
> *general* mailing rules.
> Well, you can still *recommend* to others to follow the rule strictly,
> but cannot enforce. (It sounded to me that you are trying to enforce
> the guideline to us by quoting and linking, etc. If not, sorry about
> my misunderstanding.)

A someone else pointed out, yes, you are free to post as you
will, /BUT/ many of the best helpers here will not see your posts if
you top post and/or do not snip.  That is /their/ prerogative and there is nothing that /you/ can do about /that/.  If you wish to enjoy
the best advice on this list then you should also follow the very best
advice /from/ this list.

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