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Mon Nov 24 19:45:22 UTC 2008

On 11/23/2008 04:36 AM, Michael Falkenburg wrote:
> Hello,
> Back when I installed Heron the question was asked if I wanted to 
> install from within Windows.
> Ok, why not?
> So time has continued, and now I'm running Ibex but I'm(showing my 
> "laziness")getting really tired of scrolling down the Grub menu to XP, 
> opening that, and then choosing Ubuntu.
> I know it's only a matter of seconds, really, but you know how it can be 
> :-) .
> Here's the BIG question:
> Is it possible to move the Ubuntu folder O-U-T of Windows (I'm not 
> looking for drag-&-drop), so that when all is said and done I can have 
> Grub just showing 2 choices right from the get-go and both will still 
> work as they do now?
> Thanks-in-advance,
> Mischa Falkenburg

The answer is: yes according to the Wubi faq.

Can I move my virtual disk file to a dedicated partition?

You can use LVPM to transfer your installation. A guide and support
forum for LVPM is available here.

LVPM links:

Alternate methods (of course backup before you do any of these or LVPM etc):

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