So Unstable and driving me mad!!

The_Eye_In_The_Sky syiwabhairawa at
Thu Nov 20 15:19:56 UTC 2008

Mark Haney wrote:

> Ah the joys of flakiness.  Try memtest86.  It's a good memory tester.

Just one comment :

I was reusing my older platform Athlon 2800+. Since it was having 2 x 
512GB DDR333 SDRAM, then I add with 2x 512GB DDR400 SDRAM from other 
spare. BIOS detect them nicely and run on speed of 333.
Firefox crashed many times, although the Linux kernel itself just 
running normally, though the memory usage is usually under 800MB. Run 
memtest86+ for 2 days without problem.

Only after I do not mix the DDR333 or DDR400 SDRAM together, the problem 

Thus the memtest86+ getting a "not really trusted tester" on this case.

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