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Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> However, NoOp just pointed out that my TI calculator needs a battery as he verified the sum() was correct using a calculator in ubuntu. However, to give myself some credit, I did verify the sum using the TI calculator several times and it reproduced exactly each time; not exactly acting like a weak battery. I even tried the sum on SpeedCrunch in kde4 but it didn't like my algebra. I will download more ubuntu calculators looking for one that understands algebra and try verifying the sum() as I'm still a little suspicious of OO.o. Anyway, please ignore this thread unless unless I repost with new info.

That seems an odd failure mode for a low battery condition. Anyway, you
already have a high-precision calculator installed that you might not be
aware of, Python. Just type "python" at a shell and you'll be at a
Python shell prompt where you can enter expressions directly. Better
yet, apt-get install ipython and you'll be able to save the session to
play back later, if you wish. E.g. here is a future value calculator
that takes as its parameters the present value, the rate of growth, and
the number of periods.

In [1]: from math import pow

In [2]: def fv (pv, i, n):
   ...:     return pv * pow(1+i,n)

In [3]: fv(1000, 0.10, 25)
Out[3]: 10834.705943388395

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