Convincing a school district to migrate from OS X to Ubuntu or Edubuntu

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Wed Nov 19 00:45:54 UTC 2008

On 11/18/2008 03:04 PM, CLIFFORD ILKAY wrote:
> Paige Thompson wrote:
>> David,
>> I totally disagree with Clifford, that's just exactly the kind of
>> mentality that has held Ubuntu back. Never be the last to stand up and
>> say, its time for change. This morning I forwarded this thread to my
>> boss, and he's ready to try Ubuntu on a computer here. So far in my
>> efforts to migrate the school away from software that *they can't
>> afford, *have been successful and *all* of what we have here today is
>> comparable.
> [snip]
> I don't understand how treating people with respect holds Ubuntu back. I
> think you're making a straw man argument. Nothing that I wrote suggested
> that you should not "stand up and say, its(sic) time for change". I'm
> just saying that you will be much more successful at having people
> listen to you if you don't hold them in disdain for not recognizing the
> "obvious" benefits of using Linux. To them, it's not obvious at all. Why
> should it be? Most people have more important things to do than
> understand the minutiae of computers. If you want to reach those people,
> the way to do it is to become the person you want them to be, patient,
> understanding, and open-minded and communicate with them in a way that
> they understand.

[snip rest of well said message]
agrees with you.

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