Intrepid Sound Problems

Daniel T Chen crimsun at
Sun Nov 16 20:57:55 UTC 2008

On 11/16/2008 02:55 PM, Karl Larsen wrote:
>      The launchpad bug reports don't give credit where due. Without a
> single update a re-boot stalled not able to turn off alsa sound device.
> Forcing a reboot causes all sound to be lost.
>      After a total Update there is no change in sound. And the re-boot is
> still slow and trouble prone.
>      I will say that Intrepid has been the worst Linux I have had to try
> an use. There is no one to complain to, but it is a shame that Hardy
> which runs great on my nVidia computer can not even LOAD on it! My
> laptop has known problems. I must have the new GTK video drivers that
> Intrepid has. With this good GTK I get great pictures on my Laptop which
> Intel Mobile4 video. But I have zero sound.
>      There are a lot of different versions of Linux besides Ubuntu. I
> will do a google search to see if there is a model that might work on my
> laptop. In the meantime I will keep Intrepid updated and hope for a
> break through.
> Karl
> Back to football

It would help me immensely - as one of a handful of Ubuntu contributors 
who have had core developer access - if you would at least try to work 
with me to resolve your audio issues.  I understand how frustrating 
audio problems are on Linux - I've triaged them for over a decade!  I 
have outlined in previous e-mails that we need to begin with your alsa 
configuration.  You can get that information by using the 
script.  Once you execute the script, it should give you a url.  Please 
send that url.

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