Ubuntu Intrepid is flawed

Mark Kirkwood markir at paradise.net.nz
Sun Nov 16 05:45:27 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
>     When I loaded Intrepid it was wonderful. But after a few re-boots 
> the sound disappeared never to return. I have done some bad things 
> trying to get it working (snippage)
That is very interesting - I would suspect either you made some 
configuration changes - which broke your sound, or an update has broken 
your sound. The only way to figure that out is to backup your user data 
and reinstall. I would also recommend destroying your Gnome 
configuration and setting it up again (assuming you are using Gnome that 
is), in case that is a factor.

When applying updates, check you still have sound after each set. This 
will enable you to log useful bugs with the developers, so (assuming you 
lose your sound at some point) - it can be fixed!

Best wishes


P.s: so far intrepid is way better than hardy for me... resume is 
massively faster, and wireless network discovery is considerably faster.

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