Fixing a problem(s)

Karl Larsen k5di at
Fri Nov 14 16:23:29 UTC 2008

    We are too fast to ask a question on this list, when we can do our 
own search for the answer. The first step is to have all the information 
in front of you. Consider a real example.

    All you need is a solid statement of the problem and then put it on 
Google and start searching the web pages brought up. The first thing is 
we are using Ubuntu so that is the first word.

    The problem now is more difficult. In my business way back there 
much more was learned from discovering what the real problem was. So 
spend some time with this. In the example use screen freezes when totem 

    The query will be like ubuntu, freeze, totem or something like that. 
I used that and Google found a number of ubuntu bugs on this problem and 
then one page had some answers. This is usually the case, if you get the 
question right.

    So use Google before you ask a question of the list, and tell in 
your message that you searched Google :-)



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