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Wed Nov 12 01:40:04 UTC 2008

Good news, it's very simple to restore GRUB! Just a few lines in the terminal! I had the same problem when I uninstalled a dual boot. You didn't need to install Ubuntu on the other hard drive to do this, in the future just do this from an Ubuntu Live CD. Just follow this script.


When you get to
the desktop open a terminal and enter. (I am going to give you the
commands and then I will explain them later)
sudo grub
This will get you a "grub>" prompt (i.e. the grub
shell). At grub>. enter these commands
find /boot/grub/stage1
This will return a location. If you have more than one, select the
installation that you want to provide the grub files.
Next, THIS
IS IMPORTANT, whatever was returned for the find command use it in
the next line (you are still at grub>. when you enter the next 3
root (hd?,?)
Again use the value from the find command i.e. if find returned
(hd0,1) then you would enter root (hd0,1)

Next enter the
command to install grub to the mbr
setup (hd0)
Finally exit the grub shell


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> Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 5:10:27 PM
> Subject: Messed up Grub
>     I decided to use my sda and sdb drives as one drive. I tried to 
> reformat my sdb drive using G-parted  screwed up and started 
> partitioning my first hard drive. I stopped it, but I guess messed up 
> Grub in the process.
>      I get, ( Grub loading please wait error 22 ) message on attempting 
> to load the original ubuntu program.  I needed  online help with this so 
> I installed ubnuntu from a cd  on my second drive to get access to 
> Ubuntu users group.  I believe my original Ubuntu is still on my first 
> hard drive along with pictures and video but I don't know how to get 
> back to it.  I would like to  get my original  Ubuntu up and running  or 
> failing that  bring the pictures and video  to my new instillation.
>      I tried to send this e-mail using the live Ubuntu Cd but 
> would not let me send one for some reason?? 
>     I am using Ubuntu 8.04 on a Hp dual processor AMD64 computer.
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