Gracefully logging off another user.

Colin Murphy Colin at
Tue Nov 11 22:14:34 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 11 November 2008 21:28:56 Rashkae wrote:
> Colin Murphy wrote:

> >
> > What is the most graceful way, as a super user, to log out another user
> > closing all of their processes and ending their session?
> If the concern is a cpu hungry task, you can always simply renice or
> suspend the process.  However, if system response time is suffering so
> badly, I suspect your issue is more likely to be RAM starvation, and the
> system response slugishness is caused by swapping.

renice and suspend sound like options, better to leave the application ticking 
over rather than killing it if at all possible.  I know very little about 
renice and suspend though.  How would the owner of a process de-renice an 
app, or would this happen automatically when they next make use of it?

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