Remote Desktop File Transfer

Richard Mancusi vrman49 at
Tue Nov 11 02:49:20 UTC 2008

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 19:56, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
> If you use the Terminal Server client (gnome) and set for RDP, all you
> need to do is select the Local Resources|Remotely map your disk
> drive|check the box > add my local drive to the remote computer. Log
> into the remote Windows machine.

Or if you have many servers/logons to maintain, write a script or C routine.
e.g. a logon line from my C routine:

rdesktop -0 -x l -a16 -r disk:ztmp=/home/vrman/ztmp -r
printer:HPLJ_P2015dn -r printer:Home_BW -r printer:HPLJ_4600dn -r
printer:HPLJ_5500dtn -n delta -d <domain> -u administrator -p
<password> -g 1670x950 <ip_address> -T Admin-Saturn-Console

logon as the console, at lan speed, 16 bit color, redirect to my
transfer folder,
redirect a few printers (note: first one listed will be default), connect name,
domain, logon name, password, window size, ip, window title

much more available at "man rdesktop"
Note: Some features not available on all windows server flavors

> You can then tranfer to/from as long as the directories have sharing r/w
> enabled. That's it - just log into the Win machine & you'll see your
> ubuntu drive listed. As always, just be _very_ careful on what you
> transfer back & forth :-)

Agreed, nothing to type in order to access your drive.  If you did it correctly
it will just show up in Windows Explorer.  Don't worry, even the Windows
administrator can't access your computer via that drive - unless you allow it.

great tool - enjoy.

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