Sound for Intrepid

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at
Sat Nov 8 12:45:06 UTC 2008

On Saturday 08 November 2008 07:29 Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-11-08 at 07:16 -0500, Paul Kaplan wrote:
> > I had a machine that lacked sound for some users.  Turns out that no
> > user was a member of the audio group.
> That would be the pulse* group(s)? I once read somewhere during the
> alpha/beta phase of 8.04 (Hardy), when pulse was newly integrated, that
> this was needed. But ...

No...the audio group.  There is no pulse group on my freshly installed 
> > Adding everyone solved the problem.
> ... on my Hardy install, which was upgraded to Intrepid during beta, no
> user is part of the pulse* groups (not even the initial user that was
> created by the installer) and they all have sound nevertheless. Weird.
> It's certainly worth a try for Larry.

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