Strange Optical drive problem

squareyes squareyes at
Sat Nov 8 10:30:10 UTC 2008

NoOp wrote:
> Is this what you used to update the bios?
Hi NoOp, yes used above, bios shows the new version OK
> If so, maybe it didn't work. If not, maybe it will help resolve your
> issue. Note "(Fix) Boot error occurs at Intel ICH8M SATA
> initialization." See:
Machine installs operating systems both Win XP and Hardy OK, just has no 
cdrom access after install.
Checked out links, but am not literate enough to get much out of them. 
Drivers to solve AHCI mode
problems in XP won't solve Ubuntu lack of CDRom problem?
> These may be related:
> read
> for hints on the bios and SATA settings.
> <>
> Yes, I know that the above are primarily hard drive oriented, but they
> point to ACHI and SATA issues that very likely are also affecting your
> optical drive as well. Read through them & perhaps you may be able to
> either figure out a solution, or find enough info to ask Lenovo if your
> problem may be the same. I'd also check to see if a firmware update for
> your optical drive will resolve the issue - example:
> <>

Have checked out Lenovo/ibm site, got the hardware manual from it months 
ago, can't see anything there
that will help. There is listed some Linux info, but also has listed 
that this model doesn't support
any Windows systems before Vista. Nothing I could see that would help, 
but may not be able to see what could be useful.
> You might also want to look around on
> <>
> and see if you find a related issue/fix.

Have posted on Lenovo forum, have done in the past, will see what happens. 
Would my swapping out the optical drive and replacing it with an older model be likely to help,
 or would I be stuck with the same driver problem?

Many thanks for the info,
Take Care

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