strange sound problem in Hardy

Michael Haney thezorch at
Thu Nov 6 22:49:22 UTC 2008

On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 2:12 PM, Pierre Frenkiel
<pierre.frenkiel at> wrote:
> hi everybody,
> I have 2 sound cards: integrated Intel and Soundblaster Live
> Since 2 weeks, I have a very strange behaviour of the Soundblaster Live
>    - after each reboot, the sound is perfectly normal.
>    - after 1 or 2 hours, it becomes crazy: when I play a short sound (1 second),
>      with aplay, it is echoed about 20 times, and I get :
>         Playing WAVE '/sound/wav/woow.wav' : Unsigned 8 bit, Rate 11025 Hz, Mono
>         aplay: pcm_write:1266: write error: Input/output error
>      with mplayer, it is  echoed 8 times
>      with play(sox), it is  echoed indefinitely, and I must issue a "kill -9"
>      idem with totem, gxine, kaffeine
>      with vlc (ALSA audio output), the sound is normal!
>      With a longer sound, the 10 first seconds are normal, and then it
>      becomes garbled (with all players)
>    - if I use the Intel card, the sound is OK in all cases.
> I'm ready to install Intrepid, but before, I would like to elucidate
> this mystery.
> NB: I saw some bug reports about the pcm_write error message, but what
>      puzzles me is that I only get it a variable time after reboot!
> cheers,
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> Pierre Frenkiel
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I had a similar problem in Hardy.  Turning down the AC97 slider in the
mixer fixed the problem.  I have no idea why it happened all of a

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