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Darryl Tidd pcsmasher at
Wed Nov 5 23:01:39 GMT 2008

Hi All,
We have a central windows share on our server.  I have setup the fstab
successfully to connect on boot up.  I use a .smbcredentials file.  The
username and password are for my account on the file server, and the share
mounts flawlessly on boot.  I also, can read and write to the share, with no
problems, usually.  The big problem is when I write a file to the share, it
is set with root as the owner, therefore if I try to delete a file in my
folder, I do not have permission.  So, the question is, how can I set it up
to create files with my user as owner?
The entry in fstab is as follows:
// /media/remote cifs
0    0
Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Also, I am using Ubuntu 8.04
Darryl Tidd
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