MS Live Communicator clone for Linux & Win?

Nagy Péter antronin at
Tue Nov 4 20:56:30 UTC 2008

Dave Woyciesjes wrote:
> 	Yeah, I know I'm top posting... but it's not really a reply, just a 
> continuation....
> 	The server software that AIM uses, is that open source? Or some other 
> sort of instant messaging client/server package around? Free is best. :) 
> We're looking to to IM, and have an easy method to broadcast a message 
> to all users, and chat room function also... I'm coming up empty in my 
> searches so far...
Hi Dave,

Try Jabber. Server is open source, has chat rooms and it is using XMPP
protocol which is supported by lots of client software. (GTalk also use
this protocol.)


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