Still having problems viewing dvd's

Mark markfpyles at
Tue Nov 4 04:18:26 UTC 2008

Hi David:

I just wanted to say thank you. VLC works great!!! Thanks again!


David Fox wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 7:36 PM, Mark <markfpyles at> wrote:
>> Hi everyone:
>> Sorry to be such a pain, but I am trying to use mplayer or any player for
>> that matter that will allow me to play my dvd's. I am searching for a player
>> that will allow me to have more control over the functions of the player and
> I recommend vlc (sudo apt-get install vlc).
> Can you access the dvd? e.g., mplayer dvd://1?
> Sometimes using mplayer can be a bit tricky, it's really not designed
> to be a dvd player per se, but just a media/file player. So, it won't
> offer you with fancy menus, while the other ones will, such as vlc, or
> maybe gxine.

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