Inability to type

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Nov 3 23:25:59 UTC 2008

On 11/03/2008 01:31 PM, Allen Meyers wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 1:55 PM, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
>> On 11/03/2008 11:40 AM, Allen Meyers wrote:
>> > On my Linux machine I have lost typing availability. Rebooted no
>> > change. It did allow me to type password, but that is not text Hope
>> > it is an easy fix I am in a panic.
>> >
>> > Thanks
>> >
>> > Allen
>> At the login screen, select 'Sessons' and click on "Failsafe Gnome' then
>> 'Change Session'. Enter your username & password & see if the keyboard
>> works in the Failsafe mode.
> *  I did as you instructed and status is the same, but this additional
>   information might help. The inability to type is obviously a KDE
>   File concern as that is the only session this occurs in. I am in
>   Ubuntu with a kubuntu desk top. Please advise from this new
>   information or do I need to go to the KDE list not intended to
>   cast any doubts on your KDE ability. [?][?]
>   I sincerely appreciate your assistance.
>   Allen
> *

Unfortunately I don't use KDE, so I can't much help you there. When you
change sessions do you have an option to select 'Gnome sesson'?


1. Please bottom post (place your comments after the other comments).
2. What were you doing when you lost the ability to type?
3. Did you also try booting using the recovery mode?
4. What type of keyboard? PS/2, USB, Wireless, Other.

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