dpkg: error while apt-get upgrade

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at dantian.org
Sat Nov 1 10:00:31 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-11-01 at 09:34 +0000, dave selby wrote:
> No problem. Sorry it is me not explaining myself very clearly. 

No, actually it was me still being sleepy and misreading as well as
missing things. Sorry.

> I want to dist-upgrade to 8.10 but am concerned that this issue with
> my current 8.04 may throw a spanner in the works so I am trying to
> resolve it first.

And you are absolutely correct. As the upgrade instructions keep
repeating, one should make sure that the current install is fully up to
date before attempting a release upgrade.

I can't really help re your package error as I have already upgraded to
8.10. Often, however, such issues fix itself (or are fixed by the
maintainer in the package). Did you simply try again a day later? Maybe
it just went away.

Here is what googling for the error turned up. I found nothing when also
searching for the package version you have trouble with, but a few
related issues:


This at least is also about the kernel package:

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