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Please reply to the list.  That way, everyone can see what's happened.

>  Steve Brettell wrote:
> > Thank you for the help.  I used the package mgr, and it said it's
> > installed, but I can't see where, or how to open it.  It doesn't
> > show up in the "add/remove" applications item.
> >
> > There are several folders in the directory marked Freemind, but I
> > can't figure out what's what, or how to start the program.

I just installed it on my Kubuntu Hardy desktop.  There doesn't seem to 
be a menu item anywhere.  So I made one.  Name Freemind... command 
freemind.  There's a script in /usr/bin which runs the program.  I 
assume there's a way to edit the GNOME menu if you're running Ubuntu.



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