ip address on lan getting hijacked

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri May 30 22:47:11 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:

> chris dunn wrote:
>> My home lan is set up based upon a Linksys wireless access point and
>> router which has an address of
>     OK the router has a old standard 192.168.1.x ip.
>>  My main work station is set with a
>> static ip address of, (in /etc/network/interfaces) and I use
>> other work stations to access this machine via nxclient and nxserver
>> (running on
>     In other words you set the work station with a static ip of
> and it works. From a router I always use DHCP so the router
> just gives me the next ip/
>> All works well until 9.30 a.m. every morning when is taken
>> down and reset to, apparently by dhclient accessing the
>> dhcp server running on the wap.

>     Your wireless part of the router is causing the problem.

I don't know how you can possibly be so certain, but you could be right.

>> Syslog provides the following messages :
>> May 30 09:30:04 bessie dhclient: DHCPREQUEST of <null address>

If it's actually the router, that should be preceded by messages indicating
you lost the connection.

>     To fix this put your work station not on static but DHCP and relax.
> It will change but who cares?

Why do you think he _has_ a static IP?  Because it's often necessary.  If it
wasn't a problem for him that his IP is changing, he'd just put up with it
being  I agree, it's simpler to use DHCP but make the router
always give out the same address for that interface.  Another advantage to
using DHCP with the Linksys router is that the Ubuntu PC's host name will
now be in the router's local DNS, and he should be able to have other
machines on the network access it by name.

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