Mount USB HDD to a certain /media/folder after boot

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SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux wrote:
> Well one question I can bring up here:
> In our recent discussion was a difference of
> /dev/sdb5 or /dev/sdb6 against
> /media/sdb5 or /media/sdb6 !?
> fstab shows "media" others, i.e. GParted, are showing "sdbx !!??
> How can I get this circle closing correctly ?

let's see if i can get this right.

every drive is represented in /dev as a /dev/sd**.  the "s" means scsi
and yes, even if you have ide drives it uses the s, they changed to that
a while ago, someone else could tell you why.  the "d" stands for disk,
the next character represents the order the drives are detected by linux
so if you have a sda and a sdb, a is the first drive and b is the second
(for example on an ide channel the a would be the master and the b would
be the slave).  then you get a number to represent the partition on the
disk - sda1 and sda2 for example.

once a removable drive is automounted by ubuntu it is mounted in the
/media folder on a new folder named after the disklabel if you've
labeled your disks or the device name like cdrom0 or floppy0.  labeling
your disks is a good idea if you use automounting otherwise for your usb
devices ubuntu will use names like "disk" and "disk1" which aren't very
descriptive and as i have written before, if you mount them in a
different order those names will swap around and then things get
confusing (if you plug them in in a different order then the /dev/sd**
will change).  removable drives include cds, dvds, usb disks, floppies,
and more.

so in fstab you should tell it which /dev/sd** device you want to mount
in /media/foldername - if you want to go the route i suggested and it
seems you don't  :)  but, as i have said before in fstab you should
really use the UUID not the /dev/sd** designation because when we're
talking about usb devices, that designation can change and then you'd
get a disk mounted on the wrong spot and create a real problem for yourself.

but in your case svobi, comment out or remove anything in your fstab
which points to those drives - you don't need it.  go here:

and relabel your drives, sounds like you have a funky character in there
which the gutsy gibbon doesn't like and isn't displaying.  ld142ext3 is
an ext3 filesystem and should be fine if you relabel it (ie no data
destroyed) using the methods from that link.  you should also run fsck
on that drive to be sure it is ok.

hope that is clear and not too inaccurate.


- -d

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